Current Sermon Series: The Power of Sacrifice

Lent has become a vain ritual where Christians give up small, often insignificant vices as they prepare themselves to contemplate the passion and resurrection of Christ. But what if Lent was meant to be much more radical and transformative than that? The fundamental call of Jesus to all who follow him is to sacrifice themselves and their lives for the good of their friends, neighbors, and even enemies. However, this call is far more easily preached than practiced! In this Lenten series, we will examine the tangible ways that Jesus demonstrated sacrificial living in his day and age, and the powerful, world-shaking ramifications that his sacrificial life had on his society in his day, while preparing ourselves to imitate Jesus in our day.

February 21st – Mark 1:9-15 – The Power of Sacrifice: Expand Your Mind
February 28th – John 2:13-22 – The Power of Sacrifice: The Destruction that Brings Life
March 7th – Guest Preacher: Pastor James Fielder

March 14th – John 3:14-21 – The Power of Sacrifice: The Spotlight of Grace

March 21st – John 12:20-33 – The Power of Sacrifice: Sacrificial Bravery

March 28th – Mark 11:1-11 – The Power of Sacrifice: Joy Before Sorrow