Current Sermon Series: It's Not Fair

How many times have you said or thought those words? Life has a way of putting us in circumstances that don’t always make sense, and God is really good about calling us to give grace to people that we KNOW don’t deserve grace! During the month of September, we’re going to be looking at some “unfair” scriptures of Matthew and learning how to apply them directly to our lives. So if you have struggled to forgive or to reconcile your thoughts on grace towards others, this is the sermon series for you!

September 6th – Matthew 18:15-20 – How to Fight Like a Christian

September 13th – John 10:7-10 – What’s Left Behind (Preaching by Rev. Betzy Elifrits Warren)

September 20th – Matthew 18:20-35 – The Math of Forgiveness

September 27th – Matthew 20:1-16 – A Fair Wage