Team Jesus: Winning the games in life with LIFE.

The new TUMC Youth Ministry, called “Team Jesus,” is planning to get out on the field of life and have a winning season filled with everything from fun activities like “Paintball with Jesus,” hiking in Turkey Run, “Let’s pretend we’re Olympic Gold Medalists” ice-skating, to service outings where our team is on the court. Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to root each other on with praise and prayer to accomplish our personal goals like winning supersectionals in softball, earning or maintaining a 4.0 GPA, achieving a new personal best time running a 5K, or making and saving enough money to buy a new computer or car.

Our Team Structure
The Great Commissioner: JESUS
General Manager: Jody Liddy
Varsity Team: High School
JV Team: 6-8th grade

Team Jesus is putting together a roster of “Faith Coaches.” A Faith Coach is anyone who feels they have the ability to: A) Love on kids, B) Encourage kids and let them know they’re doing great. That’s it. You don’t need to be able to quote scripture or have gone to seminary. You don’t even have to be super holy. In fact, we prefer you to be not super holy because none of us on Team Jesus is either. We just want to have more wins than losses in all the areas of our lives and achieve those wins as a team, and we know we can with Jesus at the center and head of our lives.

Our team also needs SuperFans to cheer us on, help with food for our Sunday nite Team Huddles, support our fundraisers, and, most importantly, to pray for us. Please pray for us as a Team and pray for our Players, our precious youth in our church.

At least once a month, Team Jesus will have a fun social outing or event. Most other Sunday nights will be our fun and engaging Team Huddles, where we will let the Holy Spirit reveal answers to our questions concerning: 1) Who am I? 2) Who’s am I? 3) Why am I?

Our Team Huddle Nites schedule:
JV Team 5-6pm
All-Team Snack Supper 6-6:30pm
Varsity Team 6:30-8pm

Primary communication will be through direct text messaging and email, but we will also post on TUMC’s Facebook page. If you feel called to build up the faith of our youth and be a Faith Coach or be one of our SuperFans, please call, text, or email me, and I’ll give you further information on how we can add you to the team!

Jody Liddy
312-523-6389 (Cell Phone)