Current Sermon Series: Surprise! The Unexpected Acts of God

Between now and June 9th, we’ll be spending our time in the book of Acts. We all know the excitement and nerves that come with a sudden reversal of our expectations. The early Christians whose stories are told in the book of Acts had no shortage of surprise. The resurrection set off a host of unexpected events and changes for Jesus’ followers, even changes within themselves. If our own spiritual lives have come to seem humdrum and every day, these stories will awaken in us a new desire for God’s work in the lives of unsuspecting, ordinary people like ourselves. As we explore the journey of surprises in these texts, we will learn the spiritual habit of welcoming an unpredictable God and coming to expect the unexpected.

April 28th – Acts 5:27-32 – A Surprising Turnaround

May 5th –  Acts 9:1-20 – An Unlikely Friendship

May 12th –  Acts 9:36-43 – An Astonishing Imitation

May 19th – Acts 11:1-18 – An Unexpected Change of Menu

May 26th – Acts 16:16-34 – An Ironic Escape

June 2nd – Guest Preacher TBD

June 9th – Pentecost – Acts 2:1-21 – The Ultimate Surprise Party

Upcoming Sermon Series: Intervention

In our contemporary age, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of a God who intervenes from time to time in the earthly affairs of humankind. Yet the Scriptures are filled with such stories of God doing exactly that – intervening in human affairs to make right those things that are wanting and to bring to completeness those things that help us to be the kinds of people God is calling us to be. In this series, we explore times in the Old and New Testaments when God intervened to correct injustice, spiritually heal a demon-possessed man, instruct the disciples, and bring healing to a proud and powerful man. So let the record be clear, the Scriptures often portray God as a God who intervenes.

June 16th – 1 Kings 21:1-10, 15-21a – The God Who Sees and Sets Things Right

June 23rd – Luke 8:26-39 – A Change of Heart

June 30th – Luke 9:51-62 – Intervening to Enlighten

July 7th – 2 Kings 5:1-14 – A Humbling Intervention