Current Sermon Series


Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Often we think that our treasure will follow our hearts, but Jesus suggested something different. He said that where our treasure goes (our time, money, and energy), our hearts will follow.

It’s no wonder, then, that many of us feel a sense of tension about our lives and finances. We want to give our lives to our churches, our families, our God. Instead, our hearts follow our debts, our bills, our jobs, and often we don’t even realize it. We are left feeling stretched, conflicted, and empty.

Jesus cared about our hearts, so he talked about our treasure. This program, over a four-week period, will explore what Jesus said and why, through words, images, sermon readings, devotions, and personal commitment. We will explore what we want to be investing in and what we actually are investing in! Together, we’ll experience the power found in making God our treasure.

October 7th – Where is Your Treasure? – Matthew 6:19-21

Do you ever feel that the things you most value and love get the least of your time, attention, and money? Jesus said that our hearts follow our treasure. So, no matter how much we would want to give our hearts to God, if our time, energy and money are flowing to other things, then our hearts will not be content.

October 14th – The Problem with Two Masters – Matthew 6:24

We often feel conflicted in our lives because so many things seek our attention and our devotion. Jesus said you can’t serve two masters. Most of us are trying to serve a lot more than two! When you serve your one master God, the other things in life find their proper place and your hearts find rest.

October 21st – Giving Your Treasure Back to God – Matthew 6:1-6

We earn money and spend money. We want to give money, but there seems to be nothing left at the end of the month. This week will include specific ways to take the steps of faith in giving to God.

October 28th – Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing – Matthew 6:25-34

Jesus understood that a conversation about money should include words about worry and anxiety. The series ends with Jesus’ call to stop worrying and what happens when your heart is given to him.